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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) involves the borrowing and lending of materials between libraries. Jefferson Parish borrows materials not found in the local collection on behalf of our patrons. We lend or reproduce the library’s materials for those libraries that reciprocate by filling our requests. In this way, ILL expands our library’s collection.

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The guiding principle of ILL is resource sharing. It is virtually impossible for a library to be completely independent in serving the needs of its patrons, and materials are provided on a reciprocal basis among participating libraries. Books, periodicals, microfilm, and microfiche can be borrowed; or photocopies may be made when appropriate. As a matter of policy, audiovisual materials (video recordings, DVDs, compact discs, musical and non-musical sound recordings) are NOT borrowed. The State Library of Louisiana has sound recordings that a patron can borrow directly from that source. Our Interlibrary loan service does not borrow children’s books (E and J), but will consider those current titles and requests for books for purchasing. The choice of material available for borrowing is left to the discretion of the individual library; and the loan of rare or valuable materials, fragile or bulky items, materials in high demand (best sellers), reference books, local newspapers, and audiovisual materials may be denied.

Jefferson Parish Library will accept and process ILL requests only for people 18 years of age or older with a regular Jefferson Parish Library Card in good standing. They must not have any outstanding fines and fees. The charge for photo duplication is a minimum of $3.00 (no refunds) per request and must be paid at the time the request is submitted – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Microfilm requests require a $3.50 deposit (no refunds) be paid at the time the request is submitted – NO EXCEPTIONS. Microfilm requests submitted through e-mail will not be worked unless the patron has gone into the library and paid the deposit. There is a limit of 5 microfilm reels per patron. When all 5 reels have been returned to the ILL Department, additional reels (not to exceed 5) can be sent to the patron. Please note that microfilm is not considered returned until it is physically present in the ILL Department.

Additional costs may be incurred if the owning library’s charges exceed the amounts indicated above. The additional costs will be charged to the patron’s account and are due at the time the requested material is picked up by the patron.

An ILL request can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to receive a response or the actual item. It is dependent upon the request itself and the availability of that material. The status of a request can be checked by contacting the ILL Department Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM at 838-1114, or email ILL at

ILL loan periods vary due to the lending policy of each library, but 2 to 3 weeks is usually the loan period granted. Photocopies may be kept by the patron. All requests for renewal of ILL materials must be directed to the ILL Department at least 3 working days prior to the due date. This advance notice is needed to petition the lending library for renewal and to ensure that the book will be mailed back to the lending library on the proper date. In order to maintain our borrowing privileges, we must respect these due dates.

The fine for each ILL item borrowed and returned late is $1.00 per day, with a maximum fine of $5.00 per item. When an item(s) is overdue, a patron’s borrowing privileges are restricted. Extensions cannot be granted on overdue items. A patron is prevented from any other library transactions until the item is returned. Late materials can adversely affect the interlibrary borrowing privileges of Jefferson Parish Library. If a book or other material is lost by a patron, the lending library is notified and determines the action to be taken. A patron’s borrowing privileges are restricted until the material is found or paid for according to the lending library’s requirement.

Jefferson Parish is a member of the Southeastern Library Network, or SOLINET. Libraries belonging to SOLINET generally participate in a reciprocal borrowing agreement, and therefore can fill ILL requests at no cost to the patron. We attempt to borrow from these libraries first. Borrowing outside SOLINET may result in charges being applied; therefore, we require that patrons fill out on the ILL request form the maximum charge they are willing to pay if we need to search outside of SOLINET to satisfy their requests.

Jefferson Parish Library does not borrow or lend the following through the OCLC System: periodicals, newspapers, computer software, audio-visual (including videotapes), and genealogical materials. Louisiana State Library is our only source for borrowing these items. We do attempt to borrow census microfilm; however, we do not lend microfilm to other library systems.

It is the practice throughout the national interlibrary loan system that requests are first sent to public libraries to be filled and if not successful then to academic libraries and then to special libraries that choose to participate. It is also understood that no one institution should receive the majority of a library’s requests. Two attempts are made to borrow books, and these attempts can mean petitioning as many as 10 libraries in the system who have the item. Three attempts are made to borrow microfilm because fewer institutions have and are willing to lend microfilm. When these attempts are unsuccessful, the patron is notified that we “cannot supply” the item, and the request is terminated. When we cannot supply an item, the deposit can be refunded to the patron.