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red arrow Town of Grand Isle

Mayor David Carmardelle 1-985-787-3196
(FAX) 1-985-787-3859
Council Member , Seat A Ray Santiny 1-985-787-3196
Council Member, Seat B Jay Lafont 1-985-787-3196
Council Member, Seat C Clifford Santiny, Jr. 1-985-787-3196
Council Member, Seat D Stephen Resweber 1-985-787-3196
Council Member, Seat E Leoda Bladsacker 1-985-787-3196
Constable Leon Bradberry, Sr. 1-985-787-2272
Justice Of The Peace Leon Bradberry, Jr. 1-985-278-1973
Chief of Police Euris Dubois 1-985-787-2204


red arrow additional contact info

P. O. Box 200
Grand Isle, LA 70358
1-985-787-3196; 1-985-787-3859 (FAX)

rev. 7/14

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