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Jefferson Parish Library has a number of small study rooms at the East Bank Regional (EBR), North Kenner, Old Metairie, Wagner, and West Bank Regional (WBR) libraries. Larger study rooms are also available at the EBR (4 rooms), River Ridge (2 rooms), WBR (1 room), and Westwego (1 room) libraries. All of the rooms are available to individuals for study and/or conferencing during regular library hours on a first come/first serve basis. No fees are charged.

The small study rooms can be used by one (1) person or a maximum of two (2) people, depending on the room. Scheduling is done by staff at the circulation desk and in special collections at EBR, the information desk and children’s desks at WBR, and the service desks at the other libraries.

In the larger study rooms, there should be no more than four (4) individuals in the room at River Ridge and Westwego, six (6) individuals at EBR, and eight (8) individuals at WBR. There should be at least two (2) people at River Ridge and Westwego and three (3) at WBR and EBR. These aforementioned amounts are but guidelines. The staff at the information desk at WBR and in reference at EBR is responsible for scheduling the use of these rooms and they must obtain all of the information requested on the form.


Other Guidelines
1. The rooms are available during regular library hours for individuals and/or small groups to use for studying and conferencing. They cannot be used as a primary meeting place for groups or individuals or a place to conduct business. Rooms can be used for tutoring as long as it is not for paid services. It should not be used for any other activities for which fees are charged in advance, off site, or on site.
2. No advance reservations are allowed and usage is on a first come/first serve basis. The user will inform the staff of the time needed. The time frame will be marked on the study room sheet. The user(s) should inform the staff when they are finished with the study room.
3. No fees are charged for the use of these rooms. The user should have a valid Jefferson Parish Library card or Jefferson Parish Driver’s License or State of Louisiana ID card.
4. Users must observe the library’s Rules of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in denial of future use. No food is allowed. Users are also responsible for any damages in the rooms and are expected to leave rooms in neat condition with all scrap paper or any sort of debris removed and discarded in the trash. The staff will go by the time the user indicated they will be finished.
5. Louisiana Revised Statutes 14.59 provides, “Whoever commits the crime of criminal mischief shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or be imprisoned for not more than six months in the parish jail, or both.” Criminal mischief includes the intentional performance of “placing graffiti upon immovable or movable property, whether publicly or privately owned, without the consent of the owner, by the means of the use of spray paint, ink, marking pens containing a non-water soluble fluid, brushes, applicators, or other materials for marking, scratching, or etching. Graffiti includes but is not limited to any sign, inscription, design, drawing, diagram, etching, sketch, symbol, lettering, name or marking placed upon immovable or movable property in such a manner and in such a location as to deface the property and be visible to the general public.”
6. The user is responsible for any items that they left in the rooms including purses, wallets, phones, laptops and any other materials.


rev. 5/1/18
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