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Download the Meeting Room Information Packet (PDF)


Resolution No. 111105 adopted by the Jefferson Parish Council on October 8, 2008, amended the Jefferson Parish Meeting Room Procedures and Policies (adopted August 19, 1998) to provide a more uniform set of procedures and policies and to update both the rooms available and their cost and to provide for related matters.

The library's meeting rooms are available for use by all government agencies, community organizations, and businesses in accordance with the amended procedures and policies and the following guidelines:  

red arrow The rental fees are: $150 per hour for meeting rooms Jefferson and Napoleon (combined) at East Bank Regional Library; $100 per hour at West Bank Regional Library; $75 per hour for meeting room Jefferson or Napoleon at East Bank Regional Library; $50 per hour at the Gretna, Old Metairie, Rosedale, and Westwego libraries; and $40 per hour for the small conference room at EBR.
red arrow The rental fees will be waived for Jefferson Parish agencies, schools, and other state and federal agencies. They will also be waived for Friends of Jefferson Public Library, Friends of Jefferson the Beautiful, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson Dollars for Scholars, Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission, LSU AgCenter, and Louisiana Master Gardener Program.
red arrow All other non-profit community organizations which promote programs to enhance the "quality of life" in Jefferson Parish are eligible to use the "premium" rooms at East Bank Regional Library and West Bank Regional Library at 50% of the regular rental fees, e.g. $75 per hour for meeting rooms Jefferson and Napoleon (combined) at EBR; $50 per hour at WBR; and $37.50 per hour for meeting room Jefferson or Napoleon at EBR. These organizations can also use the small conference room at EBR and the meeting rooms at the Gretna, Old Metairie, Rosedale, and Westwego libraries without charge.
red arrow Non-profit organizations must provide their IRS Determination Letter, as evidence of 501(c)(3) status in order to be eligible for the free and reduced rates at any facility.
red arrow Full payment is required within one (1) week of when the reservation is made, and no reservations will be confirmed until payment has been received. All cancellations must be made in writing at least ten (10) calendar days in advance in order to receive a refund (no refunds for cancellations within the 10-day period). A $20 cancellation fee will be assessed. Library events and activities take precedence, and the library reserves the right to cancel confirmed bookings if a room is needed by the library and to refund the full rental fee to the organization.
red arrow An audio/visual technician is available to operate the sound board and other equipment at East Bank Regional Library. An additional charge of $50 per hour must be paid at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the date of the meeting or event. This charge is not waived for groups which pay no or reduced rental fees. Groups will be provided instructions on how to use the microphones and overhead projector. However, only designated library employees may operate or touch the more sophisticated equipment.
red arrow All groups will be held financially responsible for not returning lavalier microphones or other equipment, damages sustained during an event (including cleaning of the carpet because of food or beverage spills), etc. Grease, food, etc., is not to be put down the drains or toilets.
red arrow Library meeting rooms cannot be used for showers, parties, weddings, graduation parties, or social events. However, refreshments may be served in all of the meeting rooms. There is a kitchen available at EBR which is available only by advance request. No alcoholic beverages may be served. Groups using any of the East Bank Regionalís Library meeting rooms who want to have any type of refreshments (food and/or drink) will need to contact the East Bank Regional Libraryís coffee shop operator, Cup and Chaucer at 455-5556 for catering. If Cup and Chaucer is unable to meet your catering requests, groups will then be allowed to use other sources for catering.
red arrow Meeting rooms may be used only during a library's regular business hours, Monday-Saturday. Groups must vacate the meeting room 30 minutes prior to the closing of the library. The reservation system automatically
provides 30 minutes without charge prior to the event time to enable groups to setup & test their audiovisual equipment, setup chairs, people to arrive, etc.
Groups cannot access the "premium" meeting rooms at East Bank Regional Library prior to 8:30 a.m. (these rooms cannot be reserved prior to 8:30 a.m.) or the opening time at the other libraries.
red arrow All events and meetings must be free and open to the public - no admission or registration charges; no fees to cover expenses for speakers, supplies, etc. This requirement applies to all groups, including the ones which pay no or reduced rental fees.
red arrow The Friends of Jefferson Public Library is authorized to sell things at all library facilities, and space at East Bank Regional Library is leased to a vendor to operate a coffee shop. Otherwise, all commercial activities are prohibited - there can be no actual selling or contracting to sell products or to provide services in the meeting rooms or other areas at any of the libraries.
red arrow Set-up is provided only for EBR meeting rooms Jefferson and/or Napoleon in accordance with the specifications provided on the reservation form. Groups are responsible for making any physical changes in the set-up and for providing any additional equipment, etc. Groups are responsible for setting-up all of the other meeting rooms and putting things back when the meetings end.
red arrow The grand piano at East Bank Regional Library cannot be used or rented by groups using the EBR meeting room - it is used only at library-sponsored programs.
red arrow The capacity of each meeting room is posted (also available when a room is reserved). Groups are responsible for not allowing additional people to enter the meeting room once the capacity has been reached and for assuring the capacity is not exceeded.
red arrow Individual libraries do not handle reservations. All reservations and inquiries should be directed to the receptionist/meeting room coordinator at the library's administrative office (4747 West Napoleon Avenue, Metairie, LA 70001; phone 504-849-8817).
Rev. 2/1/13
For more information, call (504) 849-8817 or fax (504) 838-1110


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