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The Jefferson Parish Library has a number of exhibit cases that are available for exhibits by and for the Library’s patrons. Exhibits may also be placed in free space areas of Jefferson Parish Library locations.

The following policies apply to placing any exhibits in a Jefferson Parish Library.

1. Application for any exhibit must be submitted and approved at least one week in advance of the desired date. The application and waiver forms must be signed and returned before approval will be considered. No publicity or arrangements regarding the event are to be made until the exhibit has been approved.
2. Exhibits placed or sponsored by the Library itself will have first priority.
3. The manager or library staff member in charge may determine the length of time a exhibit may be exhibited. Exhibits planned for longer than one month must be approved by the Director. Exhibits intended to be left for longer than two months should be maintained (i.e., dusted, rearranged, etc., as appropriate) by the individual or group placing the exhibit.
4. The individual or group placing the exhibit assumes responsibility for the arranging and removing of all exhibit items. (Exhibits should be identified by the sponsoring individual or group).
5. All exhibits are placed at the owner’s responsibility. The Library will take reasonable care that deposited items are not broken or vandalized by the viewing public; however, Jefferson Parish and the Jefferson Parish Library does not assume liability for any loss or damage to these items, provided that reasonable care is exercised.
6. Exhibits must be appropriate and in keeping with the Library’s Mission & Vision statements, which follows. Final approval of the exhibit rests with the Library Administration.
  Mission Statement
    The mission of the Jefferson Parish Library is to provide the highest quality library service to our citizens and to supply the tools needed for information, enrichment and enjoyment.
  Vision Statement
    The vision of the Jefferson Parish Library is to make a positive difference in our community and to keep our citizens moving toward the future with the knowledge and skills needed for the next century.
7. Suitable types of exhibits include hobby collections, artifacts, handicrafts, photographs, art objects, and other items of general interest. Exhibit materials that advocate any specific political, philosophical, or religious viewpoint are not allowed in Jefferson Parish libraries.
8. Any exhibit placed in a Library must be non-commercial and may not contain any reference to sales, donations, or solicitation of products or services.


rev. 1/2014

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