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Library Display/Distribution Policy


The Jefferson Parish Library maintains in many of its facilities bulletin boards for the posting of materials and designated areas (such as literature racks and spaces on countertops and tables) for the passive distribution of information. Distribution or posting of materials by the library does not necessarily indicate the Library’s endorsement of the issues or events promoted by those materials.


The library strives to provide this service within the space limitations of each branch and observing the following guidelines.

  • Our first priority for our public forum space is for materials about Library services, programs, and events;
  • Our second priority for our public forum space is for materials from the Friends of The Jefferson Public Library;
  • Our third priority for our public forum space is for materials from other governmental entities such as the parish, state and federal governments;
  • Our final priority for available space is for information from other groups which must meet guidelines as stated below.

Guidelines for public forum materials

A limited number of bulletin board and distribution areas are available within the Library system for the posting and passive distribution of materials from other entities. In each facility, the branch or department manager (or designee) of a Library facility may designate specific areas as available for these purposes. A branch or department manager (or designee) must authorize all posting and distribution before it occurs.

The following types of posters and items will be considered for display as space permits:

  • Items from nonprofit organizations;
  • Non-commercial, non-partisan, non-doctrinal items as determined by branch manager (or designee);
  • Items announcing educational or cultural events, such as plays, lectures, concerts;*
  • Items announcing local events of a non-commercial, non-partisan, non-doctrinal nature as determined by branch manager (or designee).* An event of a purely neighborhood interest need only be posted at the neighborhood branch;
  • Items relating to books, reading and literacy;
  • Local newspapers and magazines of a non-commercial, non-partisan, non-doctrinal nature as determined by branch manager (or designee);

*Events having an admission charge are acceptable if they meet the above criteria.

General Prohibitions
  • Materials that mention events that are not open to the general public;
  • Materials that support or oppose any current or pending ballot measure or political candidate. The Library is not intended to be a forum for the support or opposition of political candidates or ballot measures. Official election information, such as the League of Women Voters’ Pamphlets, is made available in the Library;
  • Materials that advocate the beliefs, views or doctrines of any denomination, sect or group over those of any other;
  • Materials asking Library visitors to sign a petition or letter are not permitted;

Terms for Use

All materials posted or distributed must comply with this policy and any other applicable Library regulations or guidelines. No other materials may be posted or distributed.

To ensure equitable access to limited display space available at each facility, a branch or department manager (or designee) may establish criteria for that facility regarding posting and distribution of material, including:

  • the maximum size of material to be posted or distributed;
  • the maximum number of materials to be posted or distributed;
  • the maximum length of time materials may remain posted or displayed;
  • the maximum amount of time before or after an event a posting may occur;
  • the frequency with which material may be posted or displayed by the same non-profit organization; and
  • consistent methods for allocating space should the amount of material exceed the space available for posting or distribution.

All posting and placement of materials in distribution areas shall be done by personnel from the Jefferson Parish Library. Individuals requesting posting or distribution shall not themselves post or leave materials in distribution areas.

Materials left for posting or distribution without authorization from the Library will be discarded.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials posted or distributed. Materials will not be returned.

The Library Director, or his/her designee, is responsible for the administration of this policy on a system-wide basis. Branch managers are responsible for the administration of this policy within their facilities.


rev. 2/2014

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