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In our ongoing effort to improve our service to you, we recently added new services such as Telecirc and Self-Check machines, and have redesigned our website. We would appreciate your giving us your feedback by completing the brief survey below.

Jefferson Parish hereby informs you that the Louisiana Public Records law requires that any and all information, complaints or documentation that you provide to the Parish is considered a public record that may be accessed by anyone requesting a copy of this information.

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Have you received calls or messages from Telecirc?

Have you placed any calls to Telecirc?
Any comments about Telecirc?
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self-dispense dvd machines (at all branches)
Have you used the new Self-Dispense DVD machines?
If so, at which location?
Any comments about the Self-Dispense DVD Machines?
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self-check machines (at all branches)
Have you used the new Self-Check machines?
If so, at which location?
Any comments about the Self-Check Machines?
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website redesign
Give us your feedback on our new look.
Any other comments or suggestions?

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